About Sensitronics

Management Team

Franklin Eventoff, Sensitronics Founder, Inventor of the Force-Sensing Resistor

Franklin Eventoff began developing a series of musical instrument controllers in 1972. Five years later, with the goal of making electronic musical instruments more expressive he invented the force-sensing resistor (FSR; trademark of Interlink).  By 1978 his musical product, The Magical Musical Thing, was licensed to Mattel Toys and sold three million units. The following year the XYZ digitizer pad was invented and other force-sensing patents followed.

Some of these early instruments can still be found of the Internet!

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In 1985 Mr. Eventoff founded Interlink Electronics, a company based on his patented invention, the force- sensing-resistor (FSR).  While President and CEO of Interlink, he initiated the use of FSRs in Roland keyboards, Akai drum machines, KAT and Simons drums, Oberheim keyboards, and many other products for multiple industries. Interlink amassed a broad customer base ranging from the music and automotive industries to Fortune 500 aerospace corporations. Interlink received the 1986 California Governor's Award for a small company with the most innovative product. In 1987, Eventoff was the recipient of the prestigious international IR 100 award for the development of the FSR. Within three years, Interlink established an extensive patent base with over 20 international and domestic patents.

For nearly four decades, Eventoff has continued to improve and develop both force-sensors and new forms of electronic musical instruments. 

Environmental Commitment

Sensitronics strives toward environmentally friendly and sustainable processes. We have developed a water based FSR ink and the ability to print on recyclable & biodegradable paper for printed electronics.