Part 5: Results

Terminal Output

If you've wired things correctly and uploaded the example sketch in the previous section, you should be able to launch a serial terminal at 115200bps and see a stream of readings, like this:

Moving a finger from left to right on the sensor should sweep position from -512 to +512, with position 0 near the center of the sensor. Force is unscaled / relative, but the reading should increase as you push harder.

Force readings are a tad higher near the edges. As we discussed earlier, we're not compensating our force readings to remove the series effect of RFIXED. The output in this example is relative anyway, and "feels" reasonably accurate for finger-touch purposes. Improved accuracy is certainly possible, but left to the reader.

That wraps things up, maybe we'll add a video later to show the results... In the meantime, maybe you can think up a creative way to display the sensor output!